About Us

The House of Mercy is a Christian non-governmental institution that provides temporary and permanent residence to the elderly and those with disabilities who need special care. As a legal entity, the House of Mercy operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus. The primary health care given at the House of Mercy is pre-medical.

Дом милосердия Кобрин

Our Purpose:

the care of the elderly and people with disabilities who are in need of constant care. The very name of our institution implies that we desire that it really is a “home” for the people living here. At the House of Mercy, we strive to meet the residents’ needs of food, clothing and constant care. However, the satisfaction of these needs alone, cannot give anyone, especially the lonely, elderly or disabled person true fulfillment in life. Our additional pastoral care helps show our residents the true meaning of life and leads them to a meaningful faith in God.

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