How To Apply

At the House of Mercy we first accept those who have reached retirement age that are within disabled groups I and II. We try to accept people with do not have any adult children, spouses, parents or anyone that can support them in permanent home care and assistance.  The House of Mercy is designed for temporary accommodation and don’t provides any medical services.

If there is an elderly or handicapped person who do not have someone to take care of them, and space is available for temporary residence, then at the request of a church or by the decision of the Director of the House of Mercy a spot may be filled. The resident’s relatives help cover part of the additional costs of care including medicine, diapers, transportation, etc. 

The House of Mercy has their own funds (part of a pension), which cover about two-thirds of all the costs of living.  We get these funds from the donations of churches, individuals and other sponsors.  If a resident has relatives who are unable to take them in, whether because of a serious illness, or a distant residence, we reimburse them for cost of living.  If they are able and our head of expenses agrees they can pay for it themselves.  When residents have no one who can financially keep them at the House of Mercy we look for sponsors or supporting churches to help support them. Much of the support we need is volunteers who are willing to serve to give their time and gifts for this ministry.

The House of Mercy is a non-profit institution. Our ministry does not receive any funds from the residents.  All incoming funds are used to cover the needs of the residents themselves.  All employees of the House of Mercy are fully devoted to our ministry.  Fulltime employees receive a small amount of payment for their work.  There are also workers and volunteers dedicated to the service for a specified period of time that do not receive any salary.